With the easing of restrictions this week we’re re-opening the ministry centre for public gatherings and everyone is welcome!

Resuming our gatherings will be familiar but different. With the government requirements of social distancing and a ban on congregational singing it will feel a bit strange. But it will be so good to be together face to face again. For the next three Sundays we’ll have:

9am church at the ministry centre with Kids Church
9am livestream
5pm church at the ministry centre


Will the livestream continue?
Yes! For now, the 9am livestream will continue as usual but there will not be any chat rooms after.

How many services will be run on Sunday and at what times?
For the next few weeks we’ll have two gatherings, 9am and 5pm.

How many people are allowed to attend?
Within the new regulations, our main hall has capacity for 140 people. In addition to this, we have overflow capacity for over 100 more and the children will be in their Kids Church rooms.

What about kids?
Kids will go straight to their Kids Church groups after they’ve been checked in:

  • Minimites and Dynamites (K-year 3) will be combining in Room 3
  • Extremities (years 4-6) will be in the upper hall

What about Teen Church?
There will be no Teen Church for the holidays (5, 12 & 19 July).

What about people who are more vulnerable to COVID-19?
We’ll still provide our 9am livestream for everyone who needs to stay at home for now.

Are we following government guidelines?
Absolutely! We’ll be practising social distancing, recording names, providing hand sanitiser, refraining from singing and will not be giving out our Sunday bulletin or providing pens. We encourage you to bring along your own Bible, notebook and pen.

Will we have morning tea afterwards?
We will not be providing morning tea however the cafe will be open and will sell tea, coffee and bottled water. Feel free to bring your travel mug or water bottle!

Will an offering be collected?
No, we encourage you to give online via direct debit or the Giving page of our website.

Will there be a Mandarin translation at the Ministry Centre?
We’re currently working with our Chinese brothers and sisters about what would best serve them at this time.

Do we have an official COVID-19 safety plan?
Yes we do and it has been lodged with the government to register our ministry centre as a COVID-19 safe place.

Got more questions?
If you have any questions regarding our relaunch of Sunday services please feel free to contact our office via the Contact Us page of our website.