Due to the temporary restrictions announced by the NSW Premier yesterday, face masks will be mandatory for everyone who attends our services this weekend (see exemptions below). There are a number of church activities affected by the restrictions over the next week which are outlined below. These are based on the current Public Health Order.

Sunday services at the Ministry Centre

Our services are still on and we have plenty of space for everyone. We’ll be humming and clapping along to our band instead of singing, but we will still pray together, hear God’s word and encourage each other over refreshments after the services. Morning tea/supper will be available outside, prepared and served in a COVID-safe way. Please note the following:

  • No congregational singing during worship
  • Bring a mask (face masks are compulsory indoors and outdoors – see exemptions below)
  • Keep at least one seat gap between households in the main hall
  • Practice physical distancing when talking with people who are not from your own household
  • Greet others without making contact
  • Wash your hands & use hand sanitiser
  • Cough or sneeze into your arm
  • Stay home if sick!

Growth Groups in homes

Growth Groups meeting in homes are limited to five people, including children.

Growth Groups at the Ministry Centre

  • Masks must be worn indoors and outdoors (see exemptions below)
  • The 4m2 rule applies to room capacities

Lakes Youth Extreme on Friday night

Leaders and children are NOT required to wear masks at Lakes Youth Extreme, however parents must wear masks when dropping off or picking up kids.

Lakes Youth Camp

The camp is going ahead however please note the following:

  • The campsite has offered extra accommodation to allow for physical distancing
  • No congregational singing during worship
  • Facemasks will NOT be required for youth and leaders during camp, in line with guidelines for education programs
  • Facemasks will be required by parents picking up and dropping off kids at the camp

State of Origin night after Church@5

This event is cancelled. There will be a dinner after Church@5 on 4th July.

Seniors Day

  • Masks must be worn indoors and outdoors (see exemptions below)
  • No congregational singing
  • Held in the main hall to allow physical distancing

Funeral on Monday

  • Masks must be worn indoors and outdoors (see exemptions below)
  • No congregational singing
  • Held in the main hall to allow physical distancing

Church office and Ministry Centre during the week

Everyone who visits, volunteers or works in the church office or the Ministry Centre during the week will be required to wear a mask (see exemptions below).

Exemptions to mask-wearing

In accordance with NSW Government guidelines, the following people do not need to wear masks at the Ministry Centre: children 12 years and under while in church, singers/speakers on stage, teachers and children in Kids Church, anyone while eating or drinking. For a full list of exemptions click here.

This is a testing time for our seniors, particularly those with underlying health issues for whom the necessity to be isolated is very important. We understand how vital it is for us to stay connected during this time therefore we’re exploring different formats to allow for communication and engagement with each other. Rest assured we will be seeking opportunities to love and care for our seniors. In this regard you may be hearing from some of our church members as they reach out to make sure you’re going ok. 

Seniors events postponed

Understandably all our Seniors ministry events have been postponed, however it could be possible to enjoy an outdoor walk or to catch up in a park with another person (as long as you adhere to social distancing guidelines). Please be in touch with each other if you would like to meet up in this way.

Online chat groups

Don’t let the idea of an online chat group frighten you. Over the next few days our Seniors ministry team will be exploring ways to meet in small groups using online technologies available to us. For those unable to participate in this way, we’ll endeavour to connect with you by phone. If you need any help or someone to talk to, please contact Russell Windon (his details are in the church directory).